Computer Talk offers innovative technologies to provide universal computer access.

The Story

In 1992 I was so incapacitated by a repetitive stress injury I could not use a computer. A top surgeon and my rehabilitation counselor suggested I give up the idea of ever again working in a job that required much use of my hands.

Though depressed and frustrated, I explored the then-emerging field of speech recognition. It wasn’t easy — some companies seemed to spend more effort telling me what I couldn’t do, instead of helping me. Finally, I found some exceptional products. I was so amazed at the increase in my productivity (and the corresponding decrease in my pain) I decided to put the technology that literally changed my life into the hands of others — by forming Computer Talk, Inc.

The Products

From speech-recognition software that lets you talk into a microphone instead of typing on a keyboard to home and office automation devices, Computer Talk offers hands-off solutions that provide you with hands-on results.

The Solutions

Computer Talk will integrate these products to work with your existing office applications. We can customize your system, creating voice commands unique to your needs, to retrieve phrases and paragraphs, and even entire forms. We design and install computer systems to meet your personal and professional specifications, and provide the necessary training to make your efforts a success.

While our solutions are often cutting edge, we make it a point to understand your needs and provide creative solutions. It is our goal to improve technological accessibility and productivity, regardless of physical ability. I remember what it felt like to have doors slammed in my face in my quest to return to a productive life. At Computer Talk, you’ll find that our door is always open. Let us show you what you can do.

Robin Springer
Founder, Computer Talk, Inc.